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Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

A University of Texas and Texas Tribune poll found that banning taxpayer-funded lobbying was largely popular amongst Republicans, Democrats, and Independents with 69% support overall.

But why did it get no traction by our Republican-led legislature? Who really has the power here - the lobbyist, the politician, or the people?

Local governments spend public money on professional lobbyists to support and oppose legislation at the Texas Capitol. According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, political subdivisions spent as much as $41 million (of taxpayer funds) on lobbyists in 2017. These lobbyists generally advocate lawmakers for greater spending, more taxing authority, and greater regulatory power on behalf of local governments.

This is a huge disadvantage for the 28 million individual Texans in getting their representatives’ attention. Taxpayers should not be forced to support local government lobbying efforts that go against their interests. Local elected officials and individuals should have the same means to elevate their needs and concerns to state lawmakers, like making personal contact or showing up to the Texas Capitol in-person.

If you send me to Austin, you can be sure I will advocate for more power for We the People, and less for lobbyists and politicians.

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