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School Choice for All

Believers in the free market know that competition lowers the price and increases the quality of everything it touches.  Why should schools be any different? It's a complicated issue, no doubt. There is a lot broken in our school systems, with teachers being forced to teach to a test, among a host of other issues. 

Every teacher I know loves the teaching part - they love their kids.  What they don't love is everything that gets in the way of them teaching.  Teachers aren't happy and neither are parents. Homeschooling numbers tripled between spring and fall of 2020, going from 4.5% to 12.3%.

And the Texas Education Agency reports that in 2020-2021, statewide enrollment decreased 2.2% (over 122,000 students) from the previous year. Did the amount budgeted for schools drop 2.2%?

It's more than just COVID at play here.  Parents are waking up to the woke ideology being forced on their kids. They are demanding change by our school boards, and being labeled as hate groups (right here in Rockwall) when running for a school board position, and labeled as domestic terrorists by the Biden Administration when they speak out for traditional values. Change is needed!

There's a lot at stake here and a lot of ideas floating around about what and how to change things. If you elect me as your State Representative, we will work through those issues together to propose the changes that District 33 is passionate about.

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