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Challenger Dennis London Concedes State Representative Race to Incumbent Justin Holland

“I just felt a phone call would be too impersonal for something as important as this, and I wanted to have the opportunity to shake his hand, congratulate him, and take a photo together” London explained to Holland’s staff, who were representing him at the meeting.

Mr. London also wants to immediately dispel any rumors circulating that he plans a write-in campaign for November.  “Absolutely not.  The Republican party has made their choice, and as a Republican, I will support the party’s candidate this November.”

“However, I remain disappointed in Mr. Holland’s recent record on our priorities.  The lack of results by our Republican leadership on so many important issues was the entire reason I felt compelled to run.”

He noted that any citizen can be active in advocating for change on issues important to them, by calling, writing, meeting, or emailing their elected officials, testifying in Austin during public hearings, and by holding their elected officials accountable to the promises they made in their campaigns.

He looks forward to working with Mr. Holland to support the party’s legislative priorities in the next session, to include any new priorities that result from the March 1 Primary ballot propositions, as well as the upcoming precinct, county, and state conventions.  In his concession call, he pledged to lend his support which Mr. Holland graciously accepted.

“My supporters asked what I would do if I did not win the seat in my first campaign. I promised I would continue to advocate for our legislative priorities, whether or not I was an elected official, and that I would continue my campaign.“

“I want to publicly pledge to everyone, as I just did to Mr. Holland in my concession call, that I will support him in any way that I can to get important issues across the finish line, whether that’s rallying the troops to call and write, bringing people down to Austin with me, or anything else he thinks will help.”

“We are looking to him now to actively represent these priorities. At the end of the day, that’s what my campaign was about: my commitment to getting issues across the goal line.  If I can do that as a private citizen, I will. And if I have to run again to make it happen, I am ready.”

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