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Election Results are in! Thank you to all who supported Dennis London!


Election results are in!  The Texas Secretary of State website tally indicates the incumbent prevailed in the primary with 69.22% of the vote, with Dennis trailing at 25.85% of the vote, and the other challenger at 4.93%.

The London campaign is proud of the results we were able to achieve with the time and money at our disposal for this campaign, which was 3 months and $25,000.  It is truly an achievement to pull over 25% of the vote.  Dennis may have been outvoted by 3 to 1, but he was outspent by 20 to 1 – so the results were truly outstanding and we are very pleased with what the campaign was able to accomplish on a shoestring budget.

Let's break the race down a little further.  

District 33 is located in both Rockwall and Collin Counties.  The Collin County breakdown was:

  • London 31%
  • LaMarca 9%
  • Holland 60%.

But there's more to that story, because out of the 5,120 ballots cast, only 3,927 cast a vote for State Representative, leaving an "undervote" of 1,193 voters.

If you considered the "undervote" as a challenger, the numbers change:

  • London 23%
  • Undervote 23%
  • LaMarca 7%
  • Holland 45%

So in Collin County (where we spent a good deal of time campaigning), an amazing 23% of the voters just didn't know enough about the challengers, or have enough confidence in the incumbent and his 8 - 10 campaign mailers, to vote for anyone. The message the London campaign takes from this is that we need to do better next time at voter outreach and education.

In Rockwall County, where the undervote made up 3.3% of the total, looks like this:

  • London 23.5%
  • Undervote 3.3%
  • LaMarca 3.4%
  • Holland 69.6%.

All in all, the campaign is pleased with what we were able to accomplish and thankful for all the volunteers who gave of their talent, time, and treasure to give Dennis a shot at representing District 33. We believe he came closer than anyone expected him to, given the constraints of this campaign.

As he has promised his supporters, Dennis is not planning to quit because he didn’t win this time.  The campaign continues for next time!

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