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Ban Democrat Chairs

When our Republican Speaker hands committee chair assignments to Democrats, he's giving them the ability to block legislation coming out of those committees.  If a bill never leaves the committee, it never gets to the floor for a vote.  It does create a convenient excuse for someone to say "I tried, but it never made it out of committee".

If we want to move the ball down the field - that ball being our Republican Legislative Priorities - then we need to keep every advantage we have.  We need to majority party that we voted into power to stop giving away that power to the minority party.  Sadly, within the first 2 days of the session, our elected Representative for the 88th Legislature ignored this priority.  Last session, nearly 40% of the committees were chaired by Democrats, and it remains to be seen how many will be chaired by Democrats this session. 

Stay tuned for updates as the session continues!

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