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Why am I running?

The answer to that question is simple. The legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas, which were brought forth by the people at our precinct, county, and state conventions, simply are not being adequately addressed by the incumbent.  "Some good things getting done" is simply not enough.

When your constituents actually tell you what their legislative priorities are, they expect you to fight for them, advocate for them, and do everything you can to advance them. Every one of them. And it just didn't happen. I waited for someone else to take up the challenge, but when nobody did, I decided to stand in the breach. A warrior runs to the sound of the guns, not away. I am ready to serve.

My commitment to you

I am an unapologetic American veteran who champions traditional Judeo-Christian values.  These values obligate us to protect the most vulnerable, and fiercely guard any encroachment on the God-given and Constitutional liberties which allowed the creation of the most exceptional country on this planet. I stand for small government, strong families, secure borders, safe communities, and the sanctity of life.

In 1986, upon enlistment in the Marine Corps, I swore an oath. That oath never expired. In 2021, I am ready to serve Texas, to defend and preserve the freedoms that make America great, and actively promote the legislative priorities important to the residents of District 33.

Want to discuss the issues? If you elect me as your State Representative, you can expect a warm welcome, a listening ear, and a man who cares enough to understand what's important to you.

The Issues

Election Integrity

Without Election Integrity, the American Revolution has been lost.  (Read More)

Secure Borders

Border security is essential to our national security, plain and simple.  Texas has 1,250 miles of border with Mexico.   (Read More)

Abolition of Abortion

The sanctity of life must be preserved from conception to natural death. (Read More)

Banning Childhood Gender Modification

With a Republican House and Senate, why did this issue get zero traction by our Legislature?  (Read More)

Monument Protection

Remember the Alamo! Our history needs to be preserved.  It should be studied and learned from, not relocated, removed, or erased.   (Read More)

School Choice for All

School choice is always an option for those who can afford it.  But it needs to be an option for all. 

(Read More)

Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

This one should be a no-brainer.  In March of 2020, almost 95 percent of Republican primary voters voted in favor of a ballot proposition in support of the ban. We the people have spoken! (Read More)

Constitutional Carry

SB 2622, passed in the 87th Legislature, a.k.a. the Constitutional Carry bill, was a very good thing that the incumbent had a part in. God bless him for that! Texans need to fiercely protect their Second Amendment rights. (Read More)

Religious Freedom

Legislation to protect religious freedom was passed in the 87th legislature (though none of the passed bills were authored, co-authored, or sponsored by the District 33 incumbent).  The rights of individuals, businesses, and organizations to exercise their religious freedom must be vigorously defended against all encroachment. (Read More)

Smaller, More Transparent Government

Reining in government and bureaucracy is a tough issue.  You are asking your elected officials to vote themselves less power, and give the people more.  But you need to ask, and you need to hold them accountable too.

In the 87th legislature, there were amendments to bills that would have increased accountability and transparency.  Click "read more" to see how your current representative voted on these issues.

(Read More)

Medical Freedom

Texas has an Executive Order banning vaccine mandates, but we need a law! A fourth Special Session should be called to address vaccine mandate legislation.  At present, 20 Texas lawmakers have joined the State Republican Executive Committee to call for this session.  The District 33 incumbent is not among them. (Read More)

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