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Why am I running, NOW, for the March 2024 Primary?

The answer to that question is simple. Right out of the gate, our incumbent showed his indifference to the legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas, which were brought forth by the people at our precinct, county, and state conventions in 2022. 

In the very first week of the session, one of our eight priorities died - Banning Democrat Committee Chairs.  Now there's only seven left to work on, and based on past performance, it's unlikely the incumbent will take an interest in advancing any of them.  

Further, when legislators pre-filed bills this past November, the lone bill filed by the incumbent was HB 697, "relating to seller's disclosures regarding fuel gas piping in residential real property".  As of January 2023, he has filed a total of 4 bills.  One bill was filed as a companion to a Senate Bill first filed by Senator Bob Hall, at the request of the Rockwall County Clerk (related to identity verification).  The other 2 bills filed by the incumbent BOTH related to residential real estate, which happens to be his livelihood when he is away from the House.

What's wrong with this picture? The incumbent has already shown that HIS priority is his livelihood - and NOT the Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party whose "R" is behind his name.  It doesn't have to be either/or - it can be "both/and".  If he were to show some support by authoring, co-authoring, sponsoring, or co-sponsoring bills on the Republican Legislative Priorities, I'd have no problem with him additionally filing bills in his area of expertise. 

But at present, his only priority appears to be Real Estate.  After three terms of this behavior, and after the initial week of the session showing his disregard for the Ban Minority Party Chairs priority, I simply have no confidence he will show support for any of the remaining seven priorities.  When we visited Austin to drop off copies of these priorities in House offices, the incumbent's office didn't even have a guest book for us to sign in.  Hardly a welcoming presence when constituents visit. I plan to change that.

When your constituents actually tell you what their legislative priorities are, they expect you to fight for them, advocate for them, and do everything you can to advance them. Every one of them. And it just didn't happen last session, and this session isn't looking good either, as one of the eight priorities didn't even make it out of the gate.  It's time for Rockwall and Collin County Republicans to have a representative who welcomes them and fights for the priorities of the party that elected them to the office.

My commitment to you

I am an unapologetic American veteran who champions traditional Judeo-Christian values.  These values obligate us to protect the most vulnerable, and fiercely guard any encroachment on the God-given and Constitutional liberties which allowed the creation of the most exceptional country on this planet. I stand for small government, strong families, secure borders, safe communities, and the sanctity of life.

In 1986, upon enlistment in the Marine Corps, I swore an oath. That oath never expired. In 2023, I am ready to serve Texas, to defend and preserve the freedoms that make America great, and actively promote the legislative priorities important to the residents of District 33.

Want to discuss the issues? If you elect me as your State Representative, you can expect a warm welcome, a listening ear, and a man who cares enough to understand what's important to you.

The Issues

Protect Our Elections

This is one of my top priorities.  From the majority of my conversations within the District, it's also something everyone is concerned about.  Because without Election Integrity, the American Revolution has been lost. 

While the 88th session did restore felony penalties for those who would tamper with and in our elections.  This issue will require eternal vigilance, because as one loophole is closed, another will be exploited. 

Election integrity is not a "one and done" issue!  I will continue to fight to ensure that all Texans can be confident in their elections, including support for full forensic audits of elections.  There should be nothing to hide from the voters!

Defending Our Gun Rights

I am a proud supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I believe that every law-abiding citizen has the fundamental right to defend themselves, their family, and their property.  This shall not be infringed!

Read More

Secure Borders

Border security is essential to our national security, plain and simple.  Texas has 1,250 miles of border with Mexico and the federal government is ignoring the invasion.  It is past time for the Texas Legislature to utilize the full powers available to protect and defend Texans. Read More

Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids

We all have a responsibility to protect our children from harm. One form of harm that has been on the rise in recent years is the sexualization of our kids.  The so-called "Obscenity Exemption" allows explicit materials in our schools, sexualizing our children.   Read More

Ban Democrat Chairs

We elect Republicans into office because we want them to represent us.  Why are we allowing them to appoint Democrats to committee chair seats? 

If you had a football team, would you ask your opponent's defensive coordinator to run your offensive line? No!  Because that is foolish.  So why do we allow our legislators to give away the power that "We the people" elected them to hold on our behalf?

Any representative who supported the election of Dade Phelan as Speaker of the Texas House knowing he was going to give away our power to Democrats...needs to go.  

Read More

Banning Childhood Gender Modification

With a Republican House and Senate, why did this issue get zero traction in the 87th Legislature?  Read More

Abolition of Abortion

The sanctity of life must be preserved from conception to natural death. Read More

Parental Rights and Educational Freedom

Parents can and should be the primary decision makers for their children in all matters. Read More

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