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Dennis London has been a personal friend of mine for decades. he has always been the pillar of reasoning and a man who looks at all sides of a situation before determining the course of action. His business has been founded on open honest services to help his clients achieve a safer place to operate. I would expect those traits to follow him into his public life If you want an honest dependable man who will listen and act for the people, choose Dennis London. — Press Theriot

It is an honor and privilege to endorse Mr. Dennis London for Texas HD 33. It is time for a true Patriot Conservative to lead our district by representing the voters and upholding the Republican Platform. Four words: "Do The Right Thing." Strength, focus, transparency. — Steven Horwitz

I also swore an oath to defend and support the constitution of our United States. That oath starts here locally in selecting our state representatives. We can no longer go on auto-pilot with our incumbents just because they are "Republican" and have done some good things. We must keep track of and review their representation and adjust course as needed. We need to adjust our course now because we can do better. We can do better to protect our freedoms and liberties and tax dollars. We the People need folks like Dennis London representing us in Austin. -We can no longer stand by while critically important issues die in committee in Austin under Republican leadership. Dennis supports ending this practice. -We must protect our freedoms and liberties or we will lose them. --Do you want to keep your tax dollars from being given for political campaigns? Then Dennis is your man. --Do you want school choice so you can use your school tax dollars for the school of your choice? Then Dennis should be your choice. --Do you want to be protected from being forced to take experimental shots or lose your job? Do you want protection from forcing employees to get an experimental shot? Then... Vote for Dennis London to represent you accordingly. — Bruce Williamson
Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
The Five Star Plan

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