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Fiscal Irresponsibility Rating for Incumbent Released

Every year, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (TFR) releases ratings of our elected officials.  Our State Representative's rating has fallen from last year's C- to an outright "F" rating.  And as a reminder, it's the House that appropriates funds for our Texas budget.

This link has more of the breakdown on how he voted.  Remember, TFR releases their "vote notices" to the public and to our legislature BEFORE a vote is ever taken. The fiscally responsible thing to do should be very clear.  And yet the incumbent has slid even further down into fiscal irresponsibility this session.

A few highlights:

  • He voted FOR Dade Phelan as Speaker - giving him the power to appoint Democrats to committee chairs, obstruct our GOP priorities, prevent conservative amendments being offered on the floor, and enabling the minority party to control the chamber.
  • He voted FOR a MASSIVE INCREASE in the State Budget - HB1 increased our budget over 21%!  One of the largest increases in Texas history - bearing in mind that our population is up 40% since the year 2000 while our budget has ballooned 228% in the same time frame! 
  • He voted AGAINST transparency - Amendment 9 to HR4 would have required a record vote on any bill in committee if it had its public hearing.  He voted AGAINST taxpayers knowing who killed bills in committee, so they could be held accountable.
  • He voted FOR Corporate Welfare -  That's when government obstructs the free market to reward corporations by giving school district property tax breaks to SELECT businesses.  HB 5 - which Holland voted for - was sold as "attracting jobs".  Across-the-board low taxes and regulations should be the "attractions" and will benefit EVERYONE - not handouts like this. What's worse, this bill used up $10 BILLION that could have come to taxpayers instead! For shame!
  • He voted FOR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) - with his vote AGAINST Amendment 2 to SB 17.  This bill eliminated State funding for DEI initiatives at our State-funded universities but was going to require all fired DEI employees to be rehired by the same university!  The amendment (which Holland opposed!) would have eliminated their rehiring.
  • He voted for YOU to subsidize child care - with his vote for HB 3771, which has Texas match employer contributions to child care funds.  It's one thing for private employers to choose to do this.  It's another thing for Texas to take taxpayer funds for the same purpose, and create a new program for the Texas Workforce Commission to administer.  You don't get smaller government by adding programs!

Don't we deserve better than this?

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