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Speaker of the Texas House appoints Democrats to Committee Chair Positions

I frequently use the example of a coach showing up for the championship game and walking across the field to the opposing team and asking if their defense coordinator would run his offense.  People laugh and say no coach in their right mind would ever do that.  If they did, they'd not only lose the game, but I'd bet that coach would be run out of town.

You ever wonder why, in a Republican led legislature, for the last 20 years we haven't been able to get our priorities accomplished?  It's because our coach has the opposing team running our defense and special teams.

If you are part of that 81% who voted to stop giving chairmanships to the minority party, and your representative did not support Bryan Slaton, Tony Tinderholt, or Nate Schatzline when they attempted to end this...then your Rep does not care what you think.  Never mind that we elected them to be the representative for the district and to vote the will of the people.

This is just one of the reasons I ran against Representative Holland here in District 33.  And why I'm running again.  He openly stated he didn't have to follow or support the State Republican Executive Committee or the Republican Party of Texas, and was completely fine with having Democrats as committee chairs.  He is openly opposed to School Choice.  Let's see how he does now that Abbott has made it a focal point for this session.  But one thing I just couldn't wrap my head around was that he didn't even think child gender modification and mutilation was even a thing here in Texas.  Seriously??

Yes - I've already started my campaign for the 2024 Primary. 

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