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What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" needs explaining?

Earlier this week two Republicans joined the Democrats on the Community Safety Select House Committee to vote out House Bill 2744, which raises the age for the purchase of certain firearms from 18 to 21. And you guessed it, one of them was my opponent, the long-time establishment HD33 incumbent. Since that vote, my phone's been blowing up asking for my reaction.  So here it is:

Want to take action? Call the Calendars Committee to ask that this bill never makes it to the floor for a vote.  And here are some reactions from the press; even THEY were surprised to see Republicans voting AGAINST the Second Amendment:  Texas House panel advances “raise the age” bill for semi-automatic guns | The Texas Tribune ; Rare GOP votes in Texas for gun bill after mass shootings - ABC NewsTexas House Committee Moves Gun Control Legislation Following Shooting - Texas Scorecard And listen to Mark Davis' take on what happened here: The Mark Davis Show | 660am The Answer - Dallas, TX.  


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